Breaking The Bad Habit Chain

Are children destined to inherit the habits of their parents? If so, that's bad news for my kid who has a lifetime of slovenliness, poor sportsmanship, and hours-spent-watching-herself-cry-in-the-mirror to look forward to.

(* WARNING: contains nudity -- or at least a very unreasonable facsimile of it.) 


  1. Johanna, I loved this! You are so funny! I was totally shocked and laughed out loud at the same time at the shower scene. I met you on the shuttle bus this weekend. I was the one who had adopted my kids from China. I'm subscribing. Your videos are great!

  2. Well, holy crap, I just went over to your professional site and you're like famous and stuff. Loved the song you did on Craig Kilborn. And I'm keeping an eye out for Wonder Over Yonder. :-)

  3. Thanks so much Kate -- I'm really glad you enjoyed my goofy videos! It was terrific meeting you - I have to say, I'm still in a bit of a daze over what a fantastic weekend that was. I'll see you online... and maybe again at the next Blogher!