Let's Make Parental Love

It's another banner week in over-sharing, here at Mothereffed enterprises, with the release of my first (and if the Musical Authorities have anything to say about it, probably my last) music video: "Let's Make Parental Love".

Cuz here's the thing (you were asking what the thing was, weren't you?) -- parenthood compromises any romantic feelings, thoughts, ideas or abilities you have ever had. Why? Because living in a shared space with tiny uncoordinated dictators who are clinically insane (and they all are, btw) is a total romance buzz-kill.

Which is why we created this handy musical guide to parental lovemaking: because a healthy sex life is essential to the longterm health of any intimate partnership -- or at least that's what all those magazines at the supermarket keep telling me.

* with extra special kudos to my incredible talented and tireless cohorts... AND some extra-extra special special thanks to this week's guest cohorts, the musical geniuses (genii?) at Villa Sound: Adam Fair, and The Inimitable Tim Thorney